Animal Communication/Wilderness Talk

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In this talk you will learn how animal communication can help people and animals live together in harmony. Reanna Driver will share interesting critter stories and key points to help you and your animals communicate. Animal Communication/Wilderness Talk Image
AUTHOR Steck-Vaughn Company
FILENAME Animal Communication/Wilderness Talk.pdf
PUBLISH DATE 01 Nov 2002

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This weeklong retreat is for you if you have previously studied Animal Communication and feel comfortable with the basic elements. This is an exciting opportunity to add depth to your interspecies communication skills through supported practice within the unique energy field of the Findhorn Foundation.

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This includes working with wild dolphins and whales, leading animal communication safaris in Botswana, interspecies projects at permaculture and organic farms, and giving numerous public talks. Her pro bono work focuses on conservation projects such as elephant management, white lion reintroduction, baboon rehabilitation, whale and dolphin ...


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