The Source : Connect With Your Inner Power and Create Your Own Reality

The Source : Connect With Your Inner Power and Create Your Own Reality is a great book. This book is written by author Judith McAdam. You can read the The Source : Connect With Your Inner Power and Create Your Own Reality book on our website in any convenient format!
In The Source, theologian, spiritual teacher and kinesiologist Judith McAdam blends her broad knowledge of world religions to reveal her ground-breaking principles for creating your own reality and living out your life's purpose. You will learn to align with source energy - a universal energy that lies deep within us and all around us - to define your dreams, build momentum around them and watch them become reality. The book includes case studies from Judith's clients which illustrate how to successfully implement this plan to change your life. Such is the demand for Judith's services, appointments are only available by booking months in advance. Now, for the first time, she shares her wisdom in The Source - a life-transforming book for all who read it.What Judith's clients say `Theologian, kinesiologist, spiritual advisor and so much more, Judith McAdam has transformed the lives of those who have crossed paths with this healing muse and lodestar.' Dearbhail McDonald, author and broadcaste`She is a modern-day Sherpa, lovingly guiding people along the mountain track towards the life that has been always been waiting for them.' Kathy Scott, The Trailblazery`Judith is warmth and counsel, nurturing energy and grounding wisdom. She is earth mother and soul sister; she is the truth you didn't want to hear and the answer to your prayers. I'm incredibly grateful that Judith is part of my life and my story, that she enabled me to love myself wholly, to let the light in, and then shine that light out to everyone in my life.' Andrew Hyland, Former Director, Marriage Equality and Founder and Director of Communications, Yes Equality`Judith has a priceless wisdom. Every soul she encounters is set on a path of discovering their true self, true purpose and inner authentic power.' Nadine Quinn and Carla McQuillan, THE.SPACE hair/soul/beaut`When I first met Judith, I was meandering along a lonely path of general distraction to fulfil the empty space. As far as I am concerned I acclaim most of my newfound happiness and unique family situation to Judith's indelible guidance.' Brigid O'Hora, mother of triplets`Judith guides you to the answers you already have inside, unlocking fears and breaking patterns. Her methods have helped me to understand how I hold the power to align myself to create whatever it is I seek, both personally and professionally.' Kate Verling, Mink Hand & Foot Spa`Judith has a very special gift. Her methods are remarkable and they have been truly helpful in both my personal and professional life.' Aimee Hart, Director, Time Data SecurityJudith's method has helped me overcome personal problems and grow in confidence and self-love. When you apply her methods to your life the outcomes are AMAZING! Emma KehoeI would describe Judith's work as a miracle and a gift to any life she's touches. She is a teacher, confidante and an angel on earth. I can't imagine how different my life would be had I not met Judith. Ashley Kehoe
The following techniques will help you create a direct connection, relationship, and dialog with your inner soul-self through relaxation, mind focus, awareness, quiet contemplation, and inner stillness. The Source : Connect With Your Inner Power and Create Your Own Reality Image
AUTHOR Judith McAdam
FILENAME The Source : Connect With Your Inner Power and Create Your Own Reality.pdf
PUBLISH DATE 20 Apr 2018

The Source: Connect With Your Inner Power and Create Your Own ...

Perhaps you're familiar with the expression, you create your reality. It's a popular and catchy phrase frequently used in the Human Potential Movement that refers to the way our mind, through attention and intention, structures our experiences and perceives our reality.

The Source: Connect with your inner power and create your own ...

You create your own reality - How to free yourself from limitations and create the life that you want. How your beliefs, thoughts and emotions form your experience. Examining and changing beliefs, Abundance as our natural state.


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